July 23, 2015


AssetHQ is an easy to use web based application which requires no setup and minimal training. This section outlines the main modules. We also build custom modules to order, so please get in touch if you have requirements above the items listed below.

Asset Library

Holds a database of assets, which can include buildings, sites, vehicles, machinery and even people.

Facilities Management

Manage details of each facility by storing all information in an easy to access location. Break facilities down into sub sections to easily manage larger properties. Create alerts for upcoming inspections, planned work or contract renewals.


Job Management

Report defects remotely, which triggers alerts to management users. These defects turn into allocated jobs, which are recorded against each asset. Use the mobile app to takes images of faults for easy reference.

Mobile App

AssetHQ is accessible on any internet enabled device. It is designed for use on smart phone, tablet and laptop. There is also an Android App which allows users to access information and update job records in areas where there is no network coverage.



Asset Tagging

With the Android app and NFC chips you can tag assets for quick reference. This allows users to scan the tags and gain instant access to asset information and job details. The scan is also logged, allowing management to view a list of scans each day in a list or map format.

Comprehensive Reports

With AssetHQ reports you are in control of the data. Filter by date, department, user or any other field to get reports that suit your needs. All the reports are exportable to Excel and PDF.