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Business Sectors

Customised for your sector…

AssetHQ is built in a flexible way, making it suitable for multiple types of business sectors. Clients have the ability to set up departments which allow a logical structure to be configured. Management can also control what users can access what departments, allowing the system to be configured to suit most organisations.

Below are a few examples of the sectors where AssetHQ is currently in use:

Public Sector

Our public sector clients mainly include local councils, who utilise AssetHQ to manage the reporting and allocation of maintenance jobs, carry out inspections and manage site certifications.

Harbours & Airports

Ports and harbours use AssetHQ to manage their facilities , log inspections, manage risks and allocate jobs to staff or departments. They use the mobile app to carry out on site checks.

Private Industry

Private sector companies use AssetHQ to track servicing of equipment, record time spent on maintenance, view KPIs to increase uptime and staff performance.